Alliance Elite Wheel Bag (NEW)

$360.00 $219.00

Our newest generation Alliance Elite Competition Wheel Bag is the new and upgraded version. It is a 1 compartment bag with and hard plastic cover to protect the wheels on the bottom which makes it more durable when checking it in at the airport. The wheels are built on the inside instead of the outside so the wheels won’t get damage easily. The most notable modification we made is that you can fit a mask on the outside pocket so you don’t need to put the mask with the rest of your weapons and uniform. Also there’s an option for a strip bag which is no longer attached by zippers. It is now attached by heavy duty side release buckles to prevent ripping and damage to the bag. It has 3 side pockets to put your body cords, mask cords, shoes, etc. It also come with a strip bag on top which are attached by side release buckles. The foundation of the bag is also improved with a thicker plastic to ensure durability. Even though the foundation is thicker, the bag overall is lighter than our 2 compartment competition wheel bag. Colors available is all Black with red pockets, Black with Grey Pockets, and Grey bag with grey pockets


Strip Bag