Grand Prix Corona Carbon


Grand Prix “Corona” Carbon is one from the series of curved orthopedic French epee grips. Model ” Grand Prix ” is one of the most popular grips in USA and in the World. This stylish grip is for skillful masters of fencing and those wants to improve and achieve on a level of perfection. It has curvature base foramen, an orthopedic shape, provides great hand supination. Carbon material + carbon armature + 100% inside/outside metal armature makes this grip very strong. Contains special whole core (square metal curve tubing made with extrusion technology – made of special strong aluminum alloy). In manufacturing this tube comes with two curvatures. Grip has optimum thickness which allows great feeling and great point control. 51 cm is the optimal radius for these model series. Grand Prix “Corona” has 100% dual curvature symmetry for proper installation. Easy to install. Well balanced and covered with a high-quality rubber “Extra” (black color) with smooth non-slippery surface. All pommels are well adapted for this grip. Drop-Edge pommel + this model is the ideal combination. Weight of the grip is 55 grams. Length (by curvature) is 14.0 cm. Length (by straight line) is 13.5 cm. Harut Grand Prix “Corona” Carbon is the definition of a speed, accuracy and style exhibited by the masters of epee fencing.