Harut System Pistol 2016 New


System Pistol is the newest model 2016 was already tested on many international and domestic tournaments. This model received great feedback and reviews. Material and properties: 1. Newest custom three-component plastic (made in USA) 2. Special tubing inside the grip – base of the grip skeleton made of special carbon steel (made in USA) 3. Kevlar was used for additional strength – up to ten times stronger (made in USA) 4. This grip does not flex and impossible to break 5. Great balance with two different by weight pommels (5 cm – 100 grams, 6 cm – 125 grams) Length of the grip 13.5 cm, weight 70 grams (custom orders for those who wants lighter version grip 45 grams. Contact us) High quality rubber Ultra Pro Extra (new) This grip allows to adjust any allowable angle with a pommel. Great shape and the quality of this grip makes this model highly competitive. There are no analogues on the market. This grip is very comfortable to hold and you feel great point control in attacking and defensive actions (holding in two positions).