Harut Mamba T2020


This grip has fantastic ideal shape and design; it is perfect for all levels of fencing, even for the beginners. Special custom plastic and unique softness of the rubber (selected density materials ) gives you an impression of holding a grip made of natural wood. This grip has precise edges and is very comfortable to hold in two different positions, classic and at the end – line. The front of this grip has been already prepared for the right angle of the blade. This grip has four great cushions for your thumb and forefinger and also one cushion made for smooth transition from one position to another. Soft touch feel rubber . Rubber has 100% anti-slip properties and grip packs 30% more durability to detrition (even with a wet glove) due to use and right selection of soft and hard materials. Has permanent logo, no scratch, micro injection technology. For the first time following logos have been applied: logo of your country, club logo, logo of a distributor or any your motto to victory. This model matches #1, #2, #3 pommels. Weight of the grip is 41 grams. Length 13.5 cm up to rubber part , 14 cm up to plastic part 5mm of the plastic can be cut if you are using a different pommel.