To determine your mask size – Measure around your face. Start at the top of your head down over one ear, under your chin, up past the other ear and back to top of head.


Size Inches Less than 20 20-22 22-25 26-29 More than 29
Mask Size X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large


Wrap a measuring tape around your hand just below the knuckles. Take this measurement in inches to determine your glove size. Always round up to the nearest size. *Do not include your thumb when measuring. 

Size Inches 6.5-7.0 7.5-8.0 8.5-9.0 9.5-10.0 10.5-11.0
Glove Size X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large



Take your chest measurement in inches just below your armpits. For a regular fit add 4 inches to this measurement – this is the jacket size you will need to order.


Lames are normally chosen to be about the same as the jacket size. Allow about 4 inches over your chest sizes.



Take your waist measurement in inches, this is the size you will need to order

Underarm Protector(Plastron)

Please take a measuring tape and take your chest measurement. The sizes are the following:

3XS : 20-22inches
2XS: 22-24 inches
XS: 26-28 inches
S: 30-32 inches
M: 34-36 inches
L: 38-40 inches
XL: 42-44 inches
2XL: 46-48 inches
3XL: 50-52 inches 


How to Correctly Measure for your Uniforms & Equipment


#0 are recommended for 10 and under (Please ask your coach for advice)
#2 are recommended for 10-11 (Please ask your coach for advice)
#5 Blades are standard Adult size and recommended for anyone age 11 and Above.