Customer and Users of fencing equipment acknowledge that participating in fencing can be dangerous.
Fencing and the use of fencing equipment could result in injury or death.
Customers and Users of fencing equipment also acknowledge that spectators and other persons in close
proximity to any fencing activity can be injured or killed.

Wearing proper protective clothing and equipment (mask, jacket, underarm protector/plastron, chest
protector, knickers, gloves, socks and shoes) is required before participating in any fencing activity.
Protective equipment and clothing must not be changed or modified. Seams must not be opened or parts
added or subtracted. Care instructions must be followed or a reduction in the level of protection will

Carefully inspect protective clothing before fencing to be sure that there are no defects (e.g., dents,
abrasions, holes, broken seams, broken zippers, tears, scratches, broken welds, broken wires, missing
rivets, worn elastic, irregularities of the mask’s mesh pattern, irregular openings of the mesh, loose bib
from mesh, loose trim, rust) If any defects are found, the equipment or garment should not be used.

Broken blades pose a particular threat. The circumstances of breaking blades may result in high tip
velocities and high-energy impacts by the broken blades. Broken blades have been known to penetrate
protective equipment causing serious bodily injury and/or fatal consequences. No practical protective
clothing and equipment is capable of withstanding all broken blade impacts.

Fencing clothing is designed to be used only by either right-handed or left-handed fencers (see marking
on the cover page). Fencing clothing for right-handed people must not be used by left-handed people, and
vice versa.
Failure to follow all warnings and instructions may result in product failure, property damage, serious
bodily injury, and/or death. You acknowledge and agree that any use of the product is at your own risk.